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home for the entire project  "e. harikumar, 50 years of creativity". this site includes all writings of e. harikumar since 1962 + articles and studies by eminent writers.
main door to the interior 
of the project.
articles by e. harikumar
and other writers
the modes of presentation and how it works. articles by e. harikumar
profile of e.harikumar articles in scan form
(no pagesetting done)
stories as they appeared
in periodicals
extracts of comments
from other writers
books with stories as they appeared in periodicals extracts from stories
of e. harikumar
recital of stories photos of writers who
have written on harikumar
the only drama written
by e. harikumar
pages on tele-films
novels as they appeared
in periodicals
film scripts of
e. harikumar
books of memoir stills from the
tele-film "koorakal"
books in print version
with original cover pix
stills from
"sreeparvathiyude padam"
books with original
cover to download
translation of a few stories
to other languages
pages devoted to
my father edasseri
a page on book by
maariyath c.h.
links to other literary
harikumar writings
at a glance
radio plays based on
harikumar stories
he introduced bengali
cinema to malayalis
complete works of
e. harikumar
wellknown painters
and artists
details of books
in each volume
new editions of
my books
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