E. Harikumar has to his credit 26 books 
(15 are anthology of short stories, 9 novels and 2 memoir)
for display only - selected books for download

(The Cockroaches)

Collection of 12 short stories written from the year 1962 
to 1971. Published 1972 by S.P.C.S. Koorakal has been made into a telefilm by Doordarsan.
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Kumkumam Vithariya Vazhikal 
(Alleys Sprinkled With Vermilion)

A collection of 11 short stories written between year 1972 -76. 
Ppublished in 1979 by S.P.C.S. 
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Vrishabhathinte Kannu (Eye Of The Taurus) 
A collection of 7 short stories written between 1976
and 1978. First published in 1979 by Preethi Books.
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Doore Oru Nagarathil (In A City Far Away) 
Collection of stories written between 1992-99. 
Published in 2000 by
D.C. Books.


Manukrishnan is the son of my friend T.K. Sadasivan, who is a good reader of my stories and novels. He used to read out my stories to his children. Manu has done this painting at the age of four or five. It was way back in 1996 or so, and now sprang up from my old files to make me immensely happy.

Dinosarinte Kutty (The Dinosaur's Baby) 
A collection of stories written between 1977 and 1984. First published in 1987 by National Book Stall.
Second edition published by Poorna Publications, Kozhikode.
Canadayil Ninnoru Rajakumari (A Princess from Canada) 
A collection of 9 stories written between 1985 and 1988. First published in 1988 by National Book Stall
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Sreeparvthiyude Padam (The Foot of goddess Sreeparvathi)
A collection of stories written in 1988 and 1989. 
First published in 1990 by Poorna Publications.
Second Edition also by Poorna. 
Sookshichuvacha Mayilpeeli 
(The Peacock Feather Treasured)

Collection of stories written bet.1989-92 
First published: 1996 by Poorna Publications 
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Pachhapayyine Pidikkan (To Catch A Grasshopper)
Collection of stories written bet. 1993-97. 
First published: 1998 by S.P.C.S. The tlitle story won the 
Padmarajan Award in 1997
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Karutha Thambratti (The Black Mistress)
Collection of stories written between 1998 and 2000. Published in 2005 
by Current Books, Thrissur.
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Nagaravasiyaya Oru Kutti (A Kid Who Lived in the City)
Collection of stories written in 2004-06. Published in 2006 
by Lipi Publications, Kozhikode

Ilaveyilinte Santhwanam (Solace Of the mellow sunrays)
Selection of stories written between 1966-1996

Ente Streekal (My Women))
A collection of 25 stories on the feminine side, published 
by Current Books, Thrissur.

Anithayude Veedu (Anitha's House)
Collection of stories written between 2000-04. 
Published in 2005 by Poorna Publications, Kozhikode
Vellithirayilennapole (As In the Silverscreen)
Collection of stories
Published in 2012 by Lipi Publications, Kozhikode